2012 Cat Calendar

Out With Those Old And Mundane Last Year’s Calendars

“Kitten Wisdom!”

In With The NEW!

This year’s Kitten Wisdom features the cutest cats ever!

Kitten Wisdom 2012 Calendar

Sheigh OBrien


RE: Kitten Wisdom 2012 Calendar

Sheigh OBrien

Dear Friend,

Once again it is that time: It’s that time of the you need to throw out the old ratty and marked up calendar from last year and bring new fluff into your life. We have all been there before with not knowing what we want to spend our next year looking at day in… and day out….

Sure you could go with your standard run of the mill “cookie-cutter” Wall Calendar which may be interesting to begin with but will soon lose their intrigue.

Cast Out and Forget…The Old And Mundane Clones…

Imagine watching a rainy morning through your kitchen window with a warm cup of Joe in your hand while your kitten nestles closely to you, purring so loud that it drowns out the noise of the rain fall. The simple things in life can be the most precious…

Now you can capture that feeling once again with the richly detailed Kitten Wisdom 2012 Calendar. Let each fully colored page transport you into the world of these mystifying and captivating critters. Each distinctive month includes insightful ancient proverbs of your feline friends, and includes major holidays, moon phases and plenty of space to write or list appointments and reminders. Redd Calendar presents you with this all new Kitten Wisdom 2012 Calendar with thirteen stunning images that are sure to capture the heart of you, your family and loved ones for the year to come.

Create Your Space and Make It YOUR OWN…

I was once like you…Floating from year to year with the same old boring wall calendars… The “Race Car” calendar… The “Out Doors” calendar… But Never Again! I’m taking it back!

Cat-lovers, prepare yourself for a year of uncontainable cuteness! Whether you’re a cat lover who enjoys pretty pictures of kittens on their calendars or you know a cat lover who could do with some additional organization, this gorgeous wall adorment calendar WILL NOT disappoint.

This IS the next best thing to snuggling up to these cuddly innoccent creatures. How could anybody RESIST charming fluffy budles of joy? Lets not forget that each month comes exclusively with inspirational proverbs to fascinate the imagination with worlds of pondering and thought provoking ideas. Here you were thinking that you were going to be stuck with the same-old, humdrum Calendar?

Never Again!

Introducing: Redd Calendar

Kitten Wisdom 2012 Calendar

Buy Kitten Wisdom 2012 Calendar

Kitten Wisdom 2012 Calendar

I hardly believe it myself but this years adorable kittens are even cuter than last years…And that’s saying somethin!

I understand that by acting today I’m going to receive:


13 Months full of Cute Adorable Cats

The ability to enjoy Fluffy Summers year round

Full 12″ X 12″ glossy prints

I make my own space

I think it’s plain to see that Kitten Wisdom is the MUST-HAVE Wall Calendar which will impact your life almost immediately, but you don’t just have to take my word for it…

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About Kitten Wisdom 2012 Calendar!

“Spreading The Word”

In the morning,

I received my calendar the other day in the mail and I gotta say it really lived up to my expectations. Soon as I opened it up I flipped back to June since that’s my birthday…Adorable!

I’ll be telling my girlfriends on facebook and twitter…spreading the word, can’t wait to check out next years.

Stacy Miller

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“Cutest Kittens Ever!”

Just love these adorable kittens! Not cute as my littke Blacky, but pretty close 😉 Was a great way to replace my hubbies car calendar from last year hehe!

Thanks again!

Rachel Thompson

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Here is your life today…With the same old boring eye sore of wall calendar that someone else probably got you last year because it was on sale…

What would you’re life be like if you bought this years Kitten Wisdom 2012 Calendar? Imagine the compliment your friends and family would give when venturing into your home to see these comforting timeless faces of innocence!

What would you’re life be like if you do nothing…Without Change…Without claiming what is yours…

“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.” ~ Mark Twain

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Best of success,

Sheigh OBrien

Sheigh OBrien

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